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Sexy Liberty

Where: Coghill Street, Whitianga, NZ - Think. Fest

When: Friday the 25th Oct 2019 @ 7.00pm

How much does it cost: $30.00NZD, prepayment only

What shall I bring:


A yoga mat or a blanket or both.

Comfy clothes/layers if you get cold easily.

An open mind with the willingness to grow, you gorgeous thang ;) 

What do I need to know:

In this workshop we will be diving soul deep into topics of sexual liberation in a safe, high vibing and supportive (fully clothed) environment .

Some of these topics may include:

The Why:
Why the rising sexual liberation movement is important for the health of our modern day world?
Why sexual suppression, fear, blocks and disconnect has occurred in the first place?
Why we are choosing to move into a more sexually inspired, expressive and explorative energy?
Why we need to shift our mindset to include sexual health in our HOLISTIC wellbeing?

The What:
What does sexual liberation mean to us as an individual? Body, mind and soul.
What makes us tick, feel sexually inspired or safe to explore new ways of being?
What keeps us small, hidden and sexually suppressed?

The How:
How can we liberate ourselves from the sexual confinement and suppression we may experience?
How can shifting the sexy mindset of society help us grow as individuals and as a collective?
How can we integrate a more holistic approach into our sex lives?
How does holistic health effect our sex lives and vice versa?
How are we keeping ourselves small in life by suppressing our liberation?

In this event we will also be covering:

Energy and working with it to bring a high vibe to the bedroom. After all, Energy is the force that has the ability to make sex magical or horrible.

Embodied dance and how this powerful tool can be used to ignite our sexy essence and to navigate and shitty vibes we maybe coming across.

Self inquiry and self development and how this is important for the growth of our sexual experiences.

Healthy sexuality and what this looks like to us.

Listening to our body and our own inner wisdom to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and with others inclusive of our sexy relationships.

Guided Visualisation.

To book your space DM me or email

Pre-payment only, $30NZD per person.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Lots of love
Amy Dee xxo

All images and content ⓒ Amy Dee Thomson  2018