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Join the club babes! 

This is my FB online support group, for WOMAN only, in which we can learn from each other and pretty much hangout and have yarns of the sexy, spiritual and self loving kind! This group is for all levels of sexual expression (the liberal and the conservative), all levels of spiritual development (the woke and the curious) and all beliefs and levels of self loving.

It is a group in which we respect each other, choose an open mind and keep the content and members of the group confidential seen as some of the content can be pretty personal! 

But it is a space of fun filled yarns to help us shift our vibe to a more loving space and to navigate through our sweet shadow. 

I will also be running exclusive webinars and Q&A sessions with myself in the future for the members of this group only!

Get into it babes! Can't wait to see you there! xxo

Finding Grace with Hannah Wallace!

Check out this sweet podcast I spoke on with my dear friend Hannah, we share some self loving and sexy tips, tricks and loved up words of wisdom x

Emma Mumford - Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast

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