Short on time, cash or just need a LITTLE bit of soul guidance on a couple of things?


Then the Quickie is for you babes!


2 Questions $44NZD, delivered direct to your inbox in either Written PDF or MP3 Voice Recording the choice is yours!


How does it work?

You purchase your reading and write up to 2 focus/topics/questions for me in the notes of this purchase or email me on Make sure your email address is correct so I can email you your reading!


You choose how you would like to receive your reading. The options are: Mp3 Voice Recording, Written PDF.


I tune into your soul, your energy, your spiritual self and see what’s going on ( how convenient that we do not have to be physically in each other’s space to do this! Thank you universe!), how your feeling, and what the core of the situation may be.


I connect with our higher people (which maybe angels, guides, spirit, goddesses, gods, the akashic records etc etc) and work with them to bring through the highest source of wisdomical (totally a word) goodness. I may also pull some cards if I feel the call. I work with only the light so rest your sassy fears aside, there is no darkness (other than the shadow of ourselves) in the work I do beauty.

I send your reading to you within 7-10 days of your purchase and wooollllllaaaaa!


So what are you waiting for!?


Shall we read your soul?!


Lots of love

Amy Dee xxo



The Quickie


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